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This is a set of 36 of our bronze Fate Tokens, made under official license from Evil Hat Publishing for the Fate roleplaying game.

Fate Tokens bring a new dimension to your Fate games. The clink and shine of real metal at the gaming table will up the stakes for your players.

The Fate Core rulebook recommends 30-40 tokens, so the 36 coins in this set will entirely satisfy your needs. This set includes a blue velvet Fate bag (valued at $4) as well as a 30mm bronze Big Fate Coin (valued at $2).

These highly detailed metal coins are designed by Terry Lane.

Each coin is 25mm diameter (about the size of a United States quarter), and 2mm thick. They stack perfectly flat.

The coins are plated and polished with an antique bronze finish.

The back of each coin is a stylised version of the Fate logo, and the front of the coin have Fate Dice™ symbols over an intricate background of interlocking Fate titles.

The blue velvet Fate bag is 12cm x 12cm, and comes with a cord tie.

"I just can't stop picking up the bag and touching them or shaking them! These are just blowing me away!" - @FateCorps, via Twitter


Fate™ is a trademark of Evil Hat Productions, LLC. The Fate Core System logo is © Evil Hat Productions, LLC and is used with permission.

Fate Tokens were made possible by our 750 heroic Kickstarter and Backerkit backers. Thanks everyone!


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