Fantasy Board Game Set (50)


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This is a set of 50 coins from our Classic Fantasy range, intended for use with board games.

We have studied dozens of major board games, and created this ideal mix.

The coins are all from our Classic Fantasy range, but the designs have themes of horses, heraldry and scrollwork, and are equally suited to any historical board game set right through to the Renaissance.

The set contains coins in three different denominations, each with a different antique finish, packed in a special brown velvet bag:

25 x 1-Copper coins:  18mm diameter and 2mm thick, with an antique copper finish.
15 x 5-Silver coins: 20mm diameter and 2mm thick, with an antique silver finish.
10 x 20-Gold coins: 25mm diameter and 2mm thick, with an antique gold finish.

The denominations are clearly displayed, making the coins easy to cash in during play. The different finishes, shapes and sizes also make each coin type very distinct.

(Should you require higher values for a particular game, the set combines perfectly with any of the higher value Gold Coins and Platinum Coins.)

Our classic coins have fantastic depth of 3D elements, giving them strong visual appeal. Please note that these coins do not stack flat, as the raised 3D is higher than the rim of each coin.

These coins were designed by Australian artist Lee Smith and have heroic fantasy elements.

The Fantasy Board Game Set will forever change the way you play board games. Nothing beats the feeling of real metal coins at the gaming table!

For more on using coins with board games, download our free Board Games with Coins PDF.

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