Epic D20 Coin - Copper (single)


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The Epic D20 coin is a huge metal token perfect for any D20 roleplaying game. Use it in your RPG campaign to track things like Inspiration, Action Points, Hero Points, Bennies, or just as an off-the-cuff reward for great roleplaying. A stack of physical coins reminds the gamemaster to give the reward out, and reminds the player to cash it in for a reroll.

The intricate design by Lynda Mills features a detailed dungeon floor background, with an antique copper finish. One side shows a perfect 20, the other a lousy 1. The coin has three levels of detail, and stacks perfectly flat.

Approximately the size of a poker chip, this coin is 39mm (1½ inches) in diameter, and a hefty 3 mm thick. Each coin weighs 18 grams (0.6 oz). Compared to our original D20 Coins, it is one-third wider, three times as heavy, and far more detailed. It's a beauty.

These coins were were made possible by 810 backers to our Epic D20 Coins Kickstarter. Thank you!

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