Dwarven Tower Soldier coins (10)


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This is a pack of ten Dwarven Tower "Soldier" coins. The coins are made under license from Fire Opal Media for the remarkable fantasy roleplaying game 13th Age, published by Pelgrane Press.

"Dwarven gold pieces are square with grooved edges. They get their name from the fact that they stack perfectly, though obviously not with anyone else's gold coins. To start a fight with a dwarf in a tavern, knock over the tower one of them has stacked beside their ale."
- 13th Age core rulebook, Rob Heinsoo & Jonathan Tweet

Our Dwarven Tower coins are designed by Drew Morrow. These are without doubt the most detailed and ingenious coins we have ever made. These coins are perfect any tabletop RPG, board game or card game. They stack neatly, and show everyone clearly how rich you are.

The coins can be nestled into each other and stack perfectly on top of coins of the same size. They will also nestle into coins of the next size up. The stackability is addictive.

Solider coins have a subtle denomination of "I" (1), and are 20mm across.

"At Gen Con last year, Mark dropped a velvet bag stuffed with Dwarven Towers on the table in front of me. They landed with a satisfying clank. While we talked, I was irresistibly drawn to holding them, stacking them and weighing them up in my hand. Pixels don't do justice to their weight, solidity and sheer tactile pleasure of them. I can't wait to get a full set to use in my 13th Age game."
- Simon Rogers, Pelgrane Press

Dwarven Tower coins were made possible by the backers for the 13th Age Coins & Icon Tokens Kickstarter. Thanks everyone!

13th Age is a trademark of Fire Opal Media, Inc. Elements used under license.
The 13th Age roleplaying game is published by Pelgrane Press Ltd. under license from Fire Opal Media, Inc.

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