Deluxe Metal Meeples - Yellow (8)


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Make your board games beautiful with our Deluxe Metal Meeples! Designed by Daniel Solis, they are die cast metal, with hand polished edges.

This set contains 8 Yellow Daisy meeples with Shining Gold plating, packed snug in a yellow velvet drawstring bag.

Each meeple in the range has its own detailed pattern, lustrous colour enamel, and unique plated metal finish, so that when board gaming you can quickly tell yours apart. Photos don't do these beautiful pieces justice. They come alive when holding them in your hand, putting them to work on a game board, or just placing them on your desk to brighten each day.

The meeples are standard size: 16 mm (3/5 inches) from side to side, and the same from head to feet. They are 10 mm thick (2/5 inches). They stand up straight or lie down flat. And they are heavy! A single metal meeple weighs a hefty 11 grams (2/5 oz), ten times the weight of a regular wooden meeple.

We thank the 407 backers from our Deluxe Metal Meeples Kickstarter campaign for bringing these meeples to life!

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