D20 Crits or Fails Coins - Gold (5)


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It's all or nothing with these metal d20 coins. For those moments where a coin toss can mean the difference between a 20 and a 1, you need the D20 Crits or Fails Coin.

The intricate design by Lynda Mills features a beautiful D20 design with a detailed dungeon floor background. One side shows a perfect 20, the other shows a lousy 1.

Sold in a pack of five, these real metal coins are ideal for inspiration, action points, reroll tokens, sudden decision moments, or as presents for your gamer friends. A player did some cool roleplaying? Here, have a reroll token.

Each D20 gold coin is made of real metal with an Antique Gold finish, is 30mm / 1-1/8" in diameter, and 2mm / 5/64" thick (about the size of a United States Half Dollar). The coin has three levels of detail, and stacks perfectly flat.


Note: This listing is for our original D20 Coin. In March 2019 we released our new Epic D20 Coins, which we Kickstarted in 2018. The Epic coins are larger (39mm), thicker (3mm), heavier and more detailed.


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