Call of Cthulhu Innsmouth Gold coins (10)


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Cursed treasure from the terrible town of Innsmouth. Some say that it comes from the sunken city of Y'ha-nthlei, down in the lightless depths below the waves... 

These coins were created for Chaosium for their superb horror roleplaying game Call of Cthulhu, based on the fiction of H.P. Lovecraft. This is an official licensed product.

The designs are by Mark Helwig, and have been fashioned to look ancient and worn, with weird symbols from human and pre-human cultures.

Innsmouth Coin One (32mm diameter) shows a strange octopoid design. The reverse shows a blasphemous sigil. This coin looks to have been stamped out from a flattened piece of gold.

Innsmouth Coin Two (25mm diameter) shows a benighted city with strange angles. The reverse has a design of mystical lines in patterns uncomfortable to behold.

Innsmouth Coin Three (20mm diameter) is octagonal, with a square hole in the centre. It depicts a hooded figure with an explosion of tentacles where a face should be. The reverse has a dire warning in Chinese over an unsettling pattern of fish scales.

This packet of 10 coins contains 3 x Coin One, 3 x Coin Two and 4 x Coin Three.

Do you dare to handle Deep One Gold? They say it drives a person mad... and that is just the beginning...

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