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Band or Album by Kenneth Hite & Jeff Tidball is the game that knows the truth. That every word or phrase could be the name of a band, or of an album, but not both.

Band or Album is the social game that you play at the bar, in the car, over messages, and everywhere else you say things. There's never a wrong time to play Band or Album. In fact, you're never not playing Band or Album, even now. Because Band or Album is a meta-conversation that, once started, is impossible to stop.

John Kovalic created this special Band or Album coin as part of the Band or Album Remix Kickstarter. The band side shows Gilly the perky goth rocking out, and the album side shows the dork side of Matt (which is, admittedly, his only side).

The coin is 39mm diameter and 2mm thick, and finished with antique copper plating. Best paired with friends, beverages, and a full set of Band or Album coins.

Band or Album is a trademark of and © Kenneth Hite & Jeff Tidball

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