5-King's Ransom Silver coins (10)


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This is a pack of ten of our King's Ransom 5 coins, made with an antique silver finish.

The King's Ransom 5 is 22mm diameter and is 2mm thick, with raised 3D elements.

These coins were designed by Australian artist Lee Smith and have a Spanish treasure and colonial feel. They have been designed to look as though they have been aged, with worn edges.

The denominations are displayed in small numbers and only one one side, allowing you to easily re-purpose them for any game.

The King's Ransom Silver 5 coin is an alternate version of the regular King's Ransom gold range, and is primarily intended for use in board games where it is useful to have different denominations in different finishes. It is best used in combination with the King's Ransom Copper 1 along with the King's Ransom Gold 20 or higher denominations.

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