20-Electrum coins (10)


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This is a pack of ten 20-Electrum coins. The front shows a hungry maw set into a palm, embossed with the number 20, and the back shows a dark pyramid surrounded by strange writing in a dead language. The hole in the centre makes this coin ideal for stringing on a necklace or ornament. It measures 26.5mm across.

Our Electrum coins were minted by a long-forgotten empire who harnessed malevolent powers. Those pacts ultimately threw them down into ruin, but their coins are still found in dark places.

All coins from our Classic Fantasy range are designed by Australian artist Lee Smith.


Historically, Electrum was a mix of silver and gold. But for us, this would be too similar to our other coins, and hard to distinguish on the table. We wanted to make our Electrum unique.

Our black nickel finish is perfect. It produces a dark and shining coin. The longer you stare at them, the more disturbing details appear.

Our electrum range was made possible by 591 heroic backers to our Electrum Coins Kickstarter. Thanks everyone!

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