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This is a complete set of 13 icon tokens for 13th Age, the remarkable fantasy roleplaying game by Rob Heinsoo and Jonathan Tweet, published by Pelgrane Press. These official tokens are made under license from Fire Opal Media.

Our 13th Age icon tokens are designed by Drew Morrow, based on the original art by Lee Moyer. The tokens are in a variety of sizes, from 24mm to 39mm, and a variety of antique finishes.

Each of the 13 icons is included: Archmage, Crusader, Diabolist, Dwarf King, Elf Queen, Emperor, Great Gold Wyrm, High Druid, Lich King, Orc Lord, Priestess, Prince of Shadows and the Three.

Each token has transparent green enamel on one side, and red on the other. Keep the green side up if you roll a 6 for your icon relationship roll, and the red side up if you roll a 5.

The tokens really work! Since we started using them in our house campaign, the players have been coming up with new and cool suggestions for their icon relationships, rather than waiting for the GM to do so. It makes a great RPG even better. (For more about our house rules with the tokens, see "Telling Stories with 13th Age Icons" in Page XX on the Pelgrane Press website.)

Even if you don't play 13th Age, this is a stunning collection of beautiful metal tokens.

Nominated for Best Aid/Accessory in the 2017 ENnie Awards!

"Jonathan and I hoped we'd have something cool to use for icon advantages someday and our hopes came true. These icon tiles are beautiful, they match our art perfectly, and when you lay them down they make a solid THUNK. So good!"
- Rob Heinsoo

13th Age icon tokens were made possible by the backers for the 13th Age Coins & Icon Tokens Kickstarter. Thanks everyone!

13th Age is a trademark of Fire Opal Media, Inc. Elements used under license.
The 13th Age roleplaying game is published by Pelgrane Press Ltd. under license from Fire Opal Media, Inc.

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