Deven Rue Compass Rose

Deven Rue Compass Rose

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    Posted by Pete Morgan on 21st Oct 2019

    All four of the map weights I purchased here are gorgeous, and this one is especially helpful for letting your players know which way is north.

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    Posted by Jason on 18th Oct 2019

    it is a fabulous piece of artwork, hefty and pleasant to the touch. Excellent quality of the casting is visible. I plan to get more of these as gifts for other gamer friends of mine.

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    Solid, beautiful, and quietly helpful pretty much every game

    Posted by Dinah (D DMs D&D) on 17th Sep 2019

    It's a truly lovely object and it makes me happy every time I pick it up, but it's also a super practical aid for a DM. If I've got a compass rose on the table I can say "You hear the sound of horses to the north," and not have to stop and explain again which way that is on this week's map.

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    Great product!

    Posted by Don D. on 9th Aug 2019

    The only improvement I could suggest is maybe thicker letters so they would be easier to see at a distance. Otherwise perfect! Still worth the 5 stars!

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    Very beautiful

    Posted by Brian on 21st Jun 2019

    Heavy enough to hold down a map and helpful for determining north for me. Cant complain

  • 5
    Does as advertised!

    Posted by Aaron on 2nd May 2019

    Beautiful, usable, functional, and sturdy!

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    Deven Rue Compass rose

    Posted by Jesse Bennett on 24th Apr 2019

    This is a great peace. Fun to put down on a map and tell your players "you know that this way is north."

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    Compass rose

    Posted by William on 17th Apr 2019

    I have had one of these since they came out. I bought one for my son for his birthday and he loves it. He carries it all the time as a pocket piece.

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    Deven Rue Compass Rose

    Posted by Amber on 10th Apr 2019

    Absolutely love it. the size and weight is perfect. when its not on the battle map its normally being flipped in my fingers or just resting on my character sheet. the design is nice enough it does not look out of place wherever it finds itself on the table.