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The Divine Concentration Token is designed to help clerics, paladins, and inquisitors track when they are concentrating on a spell in D20-based fantasy games.

This is a beautiful two-inch (50mm) metal token designed by Brian Patterson (aka D20 Monkey). The token is 3mm thick and features colour enamel on both sides.

The token depicts an enchanted stained glass window in a fantasy temple.

  • One side side is "Magic is Ready", showing the glowing moon in a midnight sky.
  • The other side is "Magic is ON". The sun is now shining through the vibrant colours of the window. Turn to this side when you are concentrating.

This intricate and magical piece can equally be used as a prop or magic token, or even as a Day / Night tracker in any RPG or board game.

Also check out our Concentration tokens for Arcane and Nature spellcasters.

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