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Avren is a human warlock played by Todd Kenreck obsessed with bringing power to the powerless. A dream to some but a nightmare to others, he casts a long shadow & wields an even longer great sword. Avren also has the ability to magically summon coins with his face on them, so we could not resist making that a real coin!

The Avren Coin has a stern-looking Avren on one side and the letters AVREN GOD OF TRICKERY. The other side shows his kind side, with a smiling Avren and the expression YOU HAVE WORTH.

The metal coin is 39 mm diameter (the size of a poker chip) and 3 mm thick, a hefty size ideal for coin flips. It has antique gold plating. The coin design and Avren profile painting is by artist Alysa Avery.


Avren is an embodiment of mischief; a trickster god in humanoid form. Long ago, he tricked an ancient being into giving him magic and immortality. This power also came with a curse: whenever Avren dies, he will return to life with a new body.

You can catch up to Avren's exploits wherever Todd plays, including the actual plays Silver & Steel and Heroes of the Vale for D&D Beyond, and Heroes of the Planes for Demiplane.

Avren is © Todd Kenreck, all rights reserved

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