RuneQuest Copper Clack coins (10)


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We are honoured to present a range of coins for the world of Glorantha, the unique vision of Greg Stafford. The coins are officially-licensed products made with our friends at Chaosium, and are perfect for RuneQuest roleplaying sessions or for Gloranthan collectors.

The Esrolian Clack coin is a square copper coin. The front is a depiction of Ernalda the Earth Goddess and her child. The back is an idealized portrait of Queen Hendira of Nochet.

This pack has ten (10) Esrolian Clack coins. Each coin is 18 mm diameter and 2 mm thick, and has an Antique Copper finish.

The coin was originally designed by Jeff Richard for the Guide to Glorantha. This version was created by Alex Reis.

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