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Dusk City Outlaws is a roleplaying game of capers, heists and other thievery, designed by Rodney Thompson and published by Scratchpad Publishing. Intended to be played out of the box with little prep, it's perfect for an evening's crime caper in the fantasy city of New Dunhaven.

These official metal tokens are designed by Dan Gelon, and feature high quality antique plating and beautiful coloured enamel. In the game, players wield Influence to get out of tight spots, and the gamemaster Judge puts Heat right back on them.

The set contains 20 hefty metal tokens:

  • 10 x Influence tokens: 34 mm diameter (1 1/3"), Antique Bronze finish with blue enamel
  • 5 x Heat 1 tokens: 24 mm diameter (1"), Antique Silver finish with red enamel
  • 5 x Heat 5 tokens: 34 mm diameter (1 1/3"), Antique Silver finish with red enamel

The coins stack flat for ease of play, and are also designed to fit into the tray inserts inside the Dusk City Outlaws box. These are beautiful, big coins that will bring real bling to your next crime caper!

For more about Dusk City Outlaws, visit the Scratchpad Publishing website, and we'll see you in New Dunhaven.

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Dusk City Outlaws is © Scratchpad Publishing. Used with permission. All rights reserved.

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