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The Deven Rue Sun & Moon is one in our series of Deven Rue map weights. It's perfect for keeping your maps and handouts in place, with the cutouts showing the surface underneath. The piece is also a beautiful art object and prop, and is easy to attach to a chain.

This stunning metal map weight is designed by Deven Rue, the incomparable Mistress of Maps. She is famous for her hand drawn cartography and illustrations.

The Deven Rue Sun & Moon is 2 inches in diameter (50 mm) and over 1/8th inch (4 mm) thick. It is heavy, weighing 1 1/2 oz (40 grams), with an Antique Bronze finish. The top of the piece has sculpted 3D elements, while the reverse is the same design rendered in 2D, so that it sits perfectly flat on your table. As an added touch, the Sun and Moon have their eyes closed on the reverse side, making this function as a day / night marker.


Our Deven Rue Map Weights were nominated for a 2019 ENnie Award, in the Best RPG Related Product category!

2019 ENnie Awards


Deven Rue is an RPG cartographer and illustrator based in Portland, Oregon. Her beautiful hand drawn maps have been seen on Critical Role, The Triangle Table, Nerdolopedia and more. For more about Deven Rue, visit her Patreon page, or her website.

Deven Rue

The Sun & Moon design and hand drawn maps are © Deven Rue. This is an officially-licensed Deven Rue product.

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