Band or Album collector coin (single)


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Band or Album by Kenneth Hite & Jeff Tidball is the game that knows the truth. That every word or phrase could be the name of a band, or of an album, but not both.

Band or Album is the social game that you play at the bar, in the car, over messages, and everywhere else you say things. There's never a wrong time to play Band or Album. In fact, you're never not playing Band or Album, even now. Because Band or Album is a meta-conversation that, once started, is impossible to stop.

The Band or Album coin was designed by Daniel Solis. This supercool antique bronze coin is a hefty 39mm across, with a band side and an album side.

For more on Band or Album, visit the original Kickstarter page.

Band or Album is a trademark of and © Kenneth Hite & Jeff Tidball

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