Blackbirds - Fortune tokens (6)


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Keep track of the players' Fortune (and the Fateweaver's Misfortune) in your Blackbirds roleplaying game sessions with these high quality metal tokens, made for our friends at Andrews McMeel Publishing.

This pack contains 6 poker chip-sized coins (each 39mm diameter and 2mm thick) finished with antique silver plating. Each coin is larger and heavier than a US half dollar.

With a design by Rob Sather, these beautifully detailed items are great companions to have during players’ quest through Erebos.

About Blackbirds

Backbirds RPG is a gothic fantasy tabletop roleplaying game set within a fantasy world where a cabal of power-hungry Oligarchs have stolen godhood. It is a world twisted and disrupted by this horrific act, where corrupt magic bleeds into reality and the shadows are home to twisted creatures from forgotten tales. And, soon, the Oligarchs themselves will return to the moral plane and remake it as they desire.

Grounded in history, interwoven with magic, driven by fate, and powered by the fantastic: Blackbirds RPG provides the tools and know-how to craft and experience an unforgettable adventure.

See more about Blackbirds at Andrews McMeel Publishing.

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