Epic D20 Coins - Gold (5)


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This is a pack of five Epic D20 coins, huge metal tokens perfect for any D20 roleplaying game. Use them in your RPG campaign to track things like Inspiration, Action Points, Hero Points, Bennies, or just as an off-the-cuff reward for great roleplaying. A stack of physical coins reminds the gamemaster to give the reward out, and reminds the player to cash it in for a reroll.

The intricate design by Lynda Mills features a detailed dungeon floor background, with an antique gold finish. One side shows a perfect 20, the other a lousy 1. The coin has three levels of detail, and stacks perfectly flat.

Approximately the size of a poker chip, this coin is 39mm (1½ inches) in diameter, and a hefty 3 mm thick. Each coin weighs 18 grams (0.6 oz). Compared to our original D20 Coins, it is one-third wider, three times as heavy, and far more detailed. It's a beauty.

These coins were were made possible by 810 backers to our Epic D20 Coins Kickstarter. Thank you!

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