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Isn't it your turn to feed the shoggoth?

This is a 39mm collector coin designed for use with the card game FEED THE SHOGGOTH! from Squamous Studios.

The coin (like the game) is designed by Badger McInnes, and features the many-eyed shoggoth on the front, and the game logo (and timely reminder) on the back. It is finished with Antique Bronze.

The coin is perfect as an eldritch keepsake, or to represent the shoggoth in the card game (or indeed any game, as ipso facto any game can be improved with the addition of a shoggoth).

This is an official licensed product, and was originally made as a stretch goal for the game's Kickstarter.



Feed the Shoggoth! is a devious and fast-paced card game, in which 3 to 6 players each control a different cult faction, facing a very angry and hungry Shoggoth in the middle of the table. Players earn points and win the game by sacrificing minions from their cult to the Shoggoth (bad news for Minions, but what do you expect when you join an evil cult?). However, the Shoggoth is indiscriminate in who he eats; if you can't feed the Shoggoth on your turn with a Minion, it eats you, and you're out of the game!

For more information, visit the Feed the Shoggoth! website.

Feed the Shoggoth! copyright ©2015 Squamous Studios


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