D20 Crits or Fails Coins - Copper (5)


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It's all or nothing with these metal D20 coins. For those moments where a coin toss can mean the difference between a 20 and a 1, you need the D20 Crits or Fails Coin.

The intricate design by Lynda Mills features a beautiful D20 design with a detailed dungeon floor background. One side shows a perfect 20, the other a lousy 1.

Sold in a pack of five, these real metal coins are ideal for Inspiration, Action Points, Hero Points, sudden decision moments, or as presents for your gamer friends. A player did some cool roleplaying? Here, have a reroll token.

Each D20 coin is made of real metal with an Antique Copper finish, is 30mm in diameter, and 2mm thick (about the size of a United States Half Dollar). The coin has three levels of detail, and stacks perfectly flat.

Also check out our Epic D20 Coins, which are larger (39mm), thicker (3mm), 3 times heavier, and more detailed.

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