Markets of Absalom Pathfinder coin set (30)


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The Pathfinder Markets of Absalom coin set presents loot gained from starting adventures, ideal for buying new equipment and low level magic items.

The set contains 30 coins, selected to be a useful mix for making change:

15 x Absalom 1-Gold coin
3 x Absalom 2-Gold coin
6 x Absalom 5-Gold coin
3 x Absalom 10-Gold coin
3 x Absalom 20-Gold coin

The set comes in a blue velvet bag with the Eye of Aroden printed in gold.

The 1-Gold shows the spire of Starstone Cathedral, the very heart of Absalom. The 2-Gold shows the Temple of Aroden (now home to the Cheliax Embassy), and the 5-Gold displays the grand Lighthouse of Absalom. The 10-Gold shows Skyreach, home of the Pathfinder Society. The 20-Gold depicts the Halls of Commerce (appropriate!).

These coins are also found in the Low Gold Coin Pack (1, 2, 5) and the Mid Gold Coin Pack (10. 20).


Pathfinder adventurers spend their treasure on equipment and magic items. When your adventurers go shopping in the Grand Bazaar in the Coins district of Absalom, now you can pay with actual metal coins!

The Coins of Absalom are taken direct from the pages of Absalom, City of Lost Omens published by Paizo Inc. The copper pennies (cp) show Aroden, city founder. The silver weight coins (sp) show the badger, the city's favourite animal. The gold measure coins (gp) show the majestic buildings of the City at the Center of the World. The platinum coins show the legendary creatures of the city.

The coins all have different shapes, and increase in size as they increase in value. All coins have the Eye of Aroden on the reverse, and all coins of value 2 and over are denominated.

The coins are all designed by Brian Patterson (D20 Monkey), based on art from Absalom City of Lost Omens, published by Paizo Inc.

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