Pathfinder Coins of Absalom Kickstarter is live

The Pathfinder Coins of Absalom Kickstarter is now live.

We're so pleased with this new coin range. It's a complete currency system: Coppers and Silvers in 1s and 5s, and Golds from 1 to 1,000. Once we fund, our first stretch goals will unlock Platinums.

The sets are Inns of Absalom, Markets of Absalom and Trademaster of Absalom. Stretch goals will increase the size of each set, for the Kickstarter editions only. The more you pledge, the better the price per set. If all goes well we'll unlock an additional set and some cool Add Ons.

You can see the full details right now on Kickstarter, including a coin preview by Band of Badgers, and a marvelous heist actual play from Hijinks. We've got a whole city to explore once we enter the Kin Gate and pass into the Petal District.


We have two new social goals, it really helps us if you can join in:

If we can get 50 retweets of the Twitter launch announcement, we will add a bonus 1-Silver coin to each Inns of Absalom coin set.

And, if we can get 25 shares of the Facebook launch announcement, we will add a bonus 1-Gold coin to each Inns of Absalom set.

See you in Absalom!

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