Pathfinder Coins of Absalom Kickstarter 25 October

Pathfinder Coins of Absalom is coming to Kickstarter on Tuesday 25 October, noon PDT.

Based on art from the Absalom, City of Lost Omens book from Paizo Inc. and with coins designed by Brian Patterson, this is a complete denominated range intended for gameplay which will give you coppers to buy a beer in a dockside tavern in the Puddles, silvers to spend at the Radiant Carnival fair, and gold to spend at the Grand Bazaar.


Here's our first social goal! If we can get 250 Followers on the Kickstarter page before launch, we will add a bonus 1-Copper coin to each Inns of Absalom coin set. That's an extra coin for you, and it helps us a lot.

There's no obligation to back, you'll just get an email when we go live. Jump onto the Pathfinder Coins of Absalom launch page and click "Notify me on launch", and when we see you in the Precipe Quarter in Absalom the next ale is on us, um once we deal with those weird sounds coming from the Haunted Fairground... roll initiative!

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