Epic D20 coins for Inspiration in 5e

Inspiration, Fortune, Hero Points, it's always great to give adventurers a little boost when they need it most. We find it great to use a metal coin: it sits on the table and reminds players to spend it for that crucial reroll. Whatever tabletop roleplaying game you play, here are some cool coins to use.


Our all time favourite coin. We were the first to make a D20 coin back in 2014, and this wonderful design by Lynda Mills is still popular. We make them in two sizes, regular D20 coins and Epic D20 coins. I like to use the Epic ones: hefty, unmissable, size of a poker chip, they're fun to flip and even more fun to spend for Advantage.


Another fantastic choice for 5e Inspiration are the BEOWULF Age of Heroes Inspiration Tokens designed by Paul Bourne for the BEOWULF Age of Heroes 5e setting from Handiwork Games. These are gorgeous coins with an Anglo Saxon theme, glittering with red gems.


We love our super stackable Pathfinder Hero Point Tokens, designed by Terry Lane. These have the Glyph of the Open Road on one side, and the Pathfinder "P" on the other.

We have also been releasing a special single token for each Pathfinder Adventure Path for Pathfinder Second Edition, with two brand new ones just released with art by Jake Lane: Abomination Vaults featuring eccentric oddities merchant Wrin Sivinxi, and Fists of the Ruby Phoenix with the tournament symbol. Fight!


Another brand new release, we made the Flames of Freedom Fortune & Misfortune Tokens for our friends at Andrews McMeel Publishing. The gothic horror roleplaying game of the American Revolution powered by Zweihander is out now, so these poker-chip sized copper coins are perfect to track Fortune for the players (Star side), which then cruelly flip to Misfortune for the gamemaster (Skull side). The wonderful design is by Ken Duquet.


Shadow of the Demon Lord is a huge favourite of ours (we play it on stream once a month, catch up on our YouTube channel), so we were stoked when Rob Schwalb said "Hail!" to our request to make official Shadow of the Demon Fortune Tokens, featuring the Schwalb Entertainment horned demon skull. The design is by Lee Smith, and these are our blackest of black metals.


Blue Rose from Green Ronin is the AGE system game of romantic fantasy (and about to be released in a new 5e edition). Conviction is what sets heroes apart from everyone else, so these Blue Rose Conviction Tokens designed by Daniel Solis are perfect for the feeling of the game.

You see, it's not all horned skulls up in here. Sometimes it's blue hearts. Thanks for joining us on our tour of some of our roleplaying game coin offerings. Check out the full list of Licensed RPG Coins on our site for more.

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