Year in Review: What We Made

We’ve closed out 2020 by mailing out hoards of coins for the holidays. We hope our wares are treasured by all who receive them! If you’re still scrambling for last-minute gift ideas, we humbly suggest gift certificates for our site; a perfect way to thank your gamemaster or fellow adventurers for keeping your spirits up this year.

We are taking a break from Thu 24 December to Tues 5 January, so our next shipping date is Wed 6 January. Also, a note for our UK friends, there may be some disruption on 1 Jan 2021 while we sort out the new arrangements for collecting UK VAT in our web store and then paying it back. Place your order by 31 Dec 2020 to ensure delivery, otherwise we’ll let you know when we are ready to ship to the UK post-Brexit.

Here are some of the nifty things we released this year.

D20 Pins for 2020

We kicked off the year with some new pins, back when we thought a year with two 20s would be a good thing. Joining our original red & gold D20 Crit Pin by Lynda Mills was the same design in blue & platinum, plus the D20 Fail Pin flipside design with the nat 1.

We had some extra prototypes left over from our colourful experiments, so we gave them away as part of a charity drive to support the Country Fire Authority after the terrible Australian bushfires at the start of the year. Thanks for your support!

Our limited edition mail order coin for the remainder of the year was the Adamantium D20 coin, with antique nickel finish. We have just a handful left, and you can still get one when you order USD $40+ worth of goods.

Our new limited edition coin for 2021 is our fervent wish for you: health, happiness, and +1 hit point. This exclusive version of the lovely Heart Coin by Daniel Solis will be available mid-January, free if you order US $40+ worth of coins. This is a mockup, final photo coming soon.

RPG Treasure Sets

Our biggest project this year was our new RPG Treasure Sets. After successful campaigns on Kickstarter and Game On Tabletop, 534 backers helped us make these possible. These are remixes of our old starter sets with coin designs by Lee Smith, reconfigured to give you as many gold pieces as possible. They’re the ideal way to add real money to your games, or as we like to say, treasure worthy of your greatest adventures.

Concentration Token

Our Concentration Token arrived to solve a problem many of us had at the table: remembering that when your character is concentrating on a spell. The striking arcane sigils and lines of power were designed by Brian Patterson (aka D20 Monkey). The token rocketed to our bestseller list, thanks in part to nearly 11,000 upvotes on Reddit.

Red Dragon Inn In / Out Tokens

Following the Concentration Token, we kept Brian on for another tactile tracker, the Red Dragon Inn In / Out tokens, made with our friends at SlugFest Games. The bright, clear colours make it easy to tell who is still in the round of gambling, making a great companion for our other Red Dragon Inn coins.

RuneQuest Coins

Greg Stafford’s Glorantha is a roleplaying world like no other, with a rich tapestry of gods and stories carefully woven over its 40-year history. We were humbled to work with Chaosium to bring some pieces of Glorantha to the real world with our RuneQuest Coins, a series of 8 coins designed by Alex Ries.

Extinction Curse & Age of Ashes Tokens

Our friends at Q-Workshop have a long history of making special edition dice sets for each Pathfinder Adventure Path. This year we were inspired to follow their lead with special versions of our Pathfinder Hero Point Tokens, celebrating Extinction Curseand Age of Ashes. The tokens were designed by Jake Lane and Terry Lane. Look for the Agents of Edgewatch token early in 2021.

Life & Death Tokens

Inspired by the bright, eye-catching coloured enamel of the In/Out Tokens, our Life & Death Tokensarrived to help you track successes and failures for death saving throws, or for loyal/traitor victories in hidden role games. You might recognise Drew Morrow’s sneering skull design from our dice tray.

We bundled them up with our Epic D20 coins and Concentration Token for a hefty RPG Player pack.

Acquisitions Incorporated Company Tokens

Acquisitions Incorporated is the industry leader in adventuring services (franchises available!). So we were thrilled to make Acq Inc Company Tokens, used by real Acq Inc Interns in lieu of gold, based on intricate designs by Kiko Villaseñor.

Campaign Coins on Twitch

We had a great time taking the shrinkwrap off our Twitch channel. Starting with a special stream for Gen Con Online, Mark and Jackson have been talking about the process that goes into our products, discussing how to use coins and tokens in your games, and taking questions from folks in chat. Follow us on Twitch to see when we are on. Our next planned stream is Tues 5 Jan 4 PM PST Seattle time / Wed 6 Jan at 11 AM AEST Melbourne time.

You can catch up on our previous streams on YouTube Channel . Hit subscribe there and you’ll get notified when we upload new videos.

Thank you!

Thanks so much for supporting us this year. You have honestly kept us going, emotionally and fiscally.

Have a marvelous holiday, get in some good games, and we'll see you next year.

Best wishes,

Jackson, with Andre, Maddison, Mark & Penny

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