Hello adventurers!

We hope you're all staying safe in your castles and strongholds, while avoiding crowded taverns and perilous dungeons. Even though your adventuring party may be apart right now, many of our friends in the RPG industry have stay-at-home freebies and offers to keep your game running online, or to keep you entertained solo.

Check out the full list below!

For our offering, we've reduced the price of The Three Dungeoneers eBook by 75% to US $0.99. Hope you enjoy these funny stories about our very dim adventuring trio by Campaign Coiner Penelope Love


Penny is using her home time to work on the next book in the series, The Anti Dungeoneers.

D&D Beyond

A higher campaign limit on Content Sharing, and a new player's guide to playing online.


Free stuff including an adventure from the new Critical Role book.

Astral Virtual TableTop

Paid features are free until the end of April.

Chaosium Inc.

Call of Cthluhu colouring book, and other free quick-starts and adventures.

Green Ronin Publishing

Free Fantasy AGE core book, and discounts across the whole store.

Ulisses International

Free The Dark Eye core book and solo adventures.

Evil Hat Productions

Chances to win a variety of Roll20 supplements


25% off all PDFs until 3 May, including Pathfinder 2, Starfinder and Pathfinder Classic.

Let us know on Twitter if you've spotted any more deals or gifts that facilitate home play.

Our friend Daniel will be taking us through an Acquisitions Inc DnD campaign, we had fun on Zoom making characters. It's so good to be together even when we're all apart. See you on the other side!

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