Tenth birthday

King of the Castle games is ten years old !

On 17 July 2005 Andre achieved his lifelong dream and registered a gaming company:

King of the Castle Games was born, and the first glint in his eye was a range of luxury metal gaming coins:

Campaign Coins, treasure worthy of your greatest adventures.

So, that makes us 10 years old this year. Happy birthday to us!


So, where did those ten years go?

After settling on Campaign Coins as our first release, Andre found the super talented Australian artist Lee Smith and asked him to design the range. After lots of research and experiments, the first Campaign Coins rolled off the press in 2006 and went on sale in 2007 as our original boxed set.

Later we added 2, 5, 20 and 50 coins, and released the coins as blister packs through Paizo's Gamemastery line. In 2010 we expanded the range with gold trade bars. In 2011 Mark started helping out with mail order, and now he and Penny are a permanent part of the team.

In 2013 we debuted our historical King's Ransom coins, and with the rise of Kickstarter we started making coins and medallions for other companies, making great friends along the way with APE Games, Chaosium, Cheapass Games, Coker Co-op, Golden Goblin Press, MegaCon Games, Modiphius Entertainment, and many more.

We got to invite many of our artist friends to design coins for us, including Daniel Solis, Drew Morrow, Lynda Mills and Terry Lane, plus Lee Smith keeps on producing great stuff.

We also started making licensed coins, starting in 2013 with our Freeport coins with Green Ronin, and continuing in 2014 with our Fate Tokens with Evil Hat and the spectacular Sihedron Medallion for Paizo. In 2015 we completed licensed Red Dragon Inn coins for SlugFest Games. We made special coins for TableTop Day and Free RPG Day, and we also created the ENnies Medal from a wonderful design by Daniel Solis. And in a career highlight we made a coin with the Dungeon Bastard on it. It doesn't get gnarlier than that.

We'd also like to thank our buddies who have helped us get our stuff out into the hands of gamers over the years: Charlie Krank - Chaosium, Aldo Ghiozzi - Impressions and the whole gang at Paizo (super big thanks to Lisa, Jeff, Chris and Will!)

But we're just getting started:

We have more licensed coins coming. Last month we signed an agreement with Fire Opal Media to produce official 13th Age coins and metal icon symbols. The first samples are gorgeous, and we can't wait to show them to you.

And, we still love our classic coins. We will soon release our freshly Kickstarted Epic Treasure coins and Starter Sets, and we are working on an new set of 11 dark fantasy coins in an all-new metal finish. After that's done, we are thinking it might be time to turn out attention to the stars...

Plus, we have plans to expand beyond coins into new areas in 2016 and 2017, watch this space.

In short: we have been having fun, and hope you have too.

Thanks everyone,

Mark, Andre & Penny

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