New RPG Treasure packs

Our new RPG Treasure coin packs are a new way to amass your hoard. Each pack has a mix of coins rather than 10 of the same. The mix of denominations is designed to help you make change, or just for variety. The new packs go with our RPG Treasure starter sets, but they work just as well if just want some coins for your rogue to jingle, or to toss to the bard (or toss at the bard, let's face it, they only know the one song).

Here's what is in each new pack. All packs contain 10 coins except Dungeon Gold pack is 9 coins, as they are larger size.

Tavern Copper pack

Tavern Copper pack : 1-Copper (x5), 2-Copper (x2), 5-Copper (x2), 10-Copper (x1). US $9.99

Tavern Silver pack

Tavern Silver pack : 1-Silver (x5), 2-Silver (x2), 5-Silver (x2), 10-Silver (x1). US $9.99

Market Gold pack

Market Gold pack : 1-Gold (x4), 2-Gold (x2), 5-Gold (x2), 10-Gold (x1), 20-Gold (x1). US $9.99

Dungeon Gold pack

Dungeon Gold pack : 50-Gold (x2), 100-Gold (x4), 500-Gold (x2), 1,000-Gold (x1). US $9.99

Rare Electrum pack

Rare Electrum pack : 1-Electrum (x5), 2-Electrum (x2), 5-Electrum (x2), 10-Electrum (x1). US $9.99

Rare Platinum pack

Rare Platinum pack : 1-Platinum (x5), 2-Platinum (x2), 5-Platinum (x2), 10-Platinum (x1). US $9.99
Note: Our Platinum coins have high shine, to differ from our silver. They're hard to photograph!

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