New release frenzy!

All of our New Releases from Gen Con 2019 are now available on our website. Here are the direct links:

  • Pathfinder Second Edition Hero Point Tokens (Pack of 6) US $14.99
    The smash hit of the show, these heavy tokens by Terry Lane are a joy to use in the fabulous new edition of Pathfinder from our friends at Paizo (who help us so much, they make our Gen Con booth possible).
  • Skittermander Pins (available in Red, Blue, Green and Purple) US $4.99
    Another runaway hit, these delightful little aliens have been given great charm by the artwork by Alysa Avery.
  • D20 Enamel Pins (available in Shiny Gold and Antique Gold) US $4.99
    The hits keep on coming: photos don't do justice to these superb new pins from this classic design by Lynda Mills. The red enamel absolutely pops. Available in elegant antique metal, or see it from great distance shiny gold. We love them both.
  • Pathfinder Second Edition Dice Tray (Black) US $14.99
  • Pathfinder Second Edition Logo Pin (Shiny Gold) US $4.99
    Rep the new edition with these new versions of our trays and pins.
  • Skull Dice Tray (Black) $14.99
    All new and all black, this gnarly skull design by Drew Morrow is perfect for wargamers, or for dungeonmasters who want you to fear them.

Restocks ahoy

We have also just restocked a raft of popular coins and accessories:

Call of cthulhuD20Dice trayPathfinderPathfinder 2eRed dragon innSihedronStarfinderTavern set

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