Gamer Gift Guide from Campaign Coins

The holiday season is nearly upon us, and if you’re thinking about gifts for the gamers in your life, Campaign Coins has got you covered! We recommend that you order as soon as possible, to give your gift the best chance of arriving in time.

Stuck for ideas? Here’s some suggestions to stuff your stockings:

  • Our TableTop coin set is designed with universal board game imagery, and comes with the ideal mix of denominations to fit into any game in your collection.
    (For more thematic options, check out our FantasyKing’s Ransom, and Horror sets!)
  • For when you need to track who started the round, the Shut Up & Sit Down First Player Token has you covered! This peary piece is perfect for letting everyone know who is at the helm.

  • Our Crits or Fails Dice Tray will keep your dice right where you need them. This artificial leather tray packs flat with your rulebooks, and snaps together when you’re ready to roll.
  • Our iconic Crits or Fails design has also landed where it belongs; on a die! You can grab one in plastic or metal, but be quick – stocks of the metal version are strictly limited!

  • Let your DM award your party with real treasure with our Classic Fantasy Dungeon Starter Set. Your character will thank you next time they’re shopping for magic items and potions!
    (See also the TavernMarket, and Castle sets, for the other levels of loot an adventurer will find.)
  • And no DM kit is complete without a few Crits or Fails d20 Coins. These inspirational coins make excellent reroll tokens in any d20 game, and serve as tactile reminders that you should probably have another go at that botched Fireball spell.

We hope you get to wrap some real metal soon!


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