A New Year for New Games

It's 2017, let's roll!

We're excited about the good times and cool games that lie in the year ahead, so we thought we'd put down our New Year's Gaming Resolutions. In December we'll take a look back and see how many we got done!

This is also a moment to introduce you to Jackson, our newest team member. Jackson has already helped out with many of our projects (especially Kickstarter fulfilment), and now he's joining us part-time to look after the website. Expect new coins and new blog posts in 2017.

So, here's what our year has in store for us:


  1. Finish our Mice & Mystics campaign.
  2. Drive a stake through Strahd's heart in Mark's campaign.
  3. Organise more gaming weekend aways, the inaugural one was huge fun (12-hour Talisman game!).


  1. Get the players to a showdown with Twinrova, in my Legend of Zelda-inspired 13th Age campaign.
  2. Try every RPG I haven't played before that pops up at Gamezilla RPG Night. (For example, World Wide Wresting RPG! Because why not?!)
  3. Re-colour code my 4e Dungeon Tiles for my own sanity.


  1. Start a RuneQuest 2 campaign, it's time to kill Broo like it's 1982.
  2. Run some Fantasy AGE, it looks like such a clean and dynamic system for maximum story.
  3. Finish painting the minis and kick off our Shadows of Brimstone campaign. Yee har!


  1. Show Strahd the sharp end of a 10 foot pole.
  2. Complete work on Curse of Seven, a Call of Cthulhu Gaslight campaign for Chaosium.
  3. Play the downloadable campaigns for Zombicide Black Plague, those zombies aren’t going to slay themselves.

Happy New Games, everyone!

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