Shadow of the Demon Lord Dice Tray

Shadow of the Demon Lord Dice Tray

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    Dice Tray

    Posted by Jared on 1st Aug 2018

    Very good; it works nice. Minimal sound from the dice hitting it.

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    Stylish and functional

    Posted by Kevin on 25th Jul 2018

    I didn’t realize how much I needed this thing. It’s especially useful if your game isn’t around a traditional table setting, as it provides a flat rolling surface and little walls to keep the dice from escaping into the floor. The leatherette material allows for natural-feeling rolls without excessive noise or movement. Unsnapped, it lies flat for easy storage, and you snap it together at the corners to form the walls. The snaps hold up to normal use, and I’d say the same for the height off the wall that they make. If you’re extra rough with your dice/tray, look for solid box tray that doesn’t collapse. This one is a compromise between sturdiness and portability, and it will suffice for most people’s needs. And yes, I was attracted to this one because of the Demon Lord logo, which makes this the most “metal” dice tray I’ve seen. We do play the game in question, but it’s an image that looks good for pretty much any game in my collection.