Dungeon Bastard 1,000-Gold coins (10)


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ADVENTURERS! Do you feel your Dungeon Master is not giving you enough treasure? WE HAVE THE ANSWER!

This is a pack of ten of our Dungeon Bastard 1000-Gold coins. The front shows the Dungeon Bastard with his twin bastard swords, ready to kick ass, take names and award XP. The coin is embossed with the number 1,000, and the back of the coin is patterned. It is 30mm diameter and 2mm thick.

This coin is an alternate version of our regular 1000-Gold coin. It is the same size and shape, and has the same reverse side.

This coin is designed by Australian artist Lee Smith.

We thank the 450 backers from our Epic Treasure Kickstarter for supporting the creation of this coin.

The Dungeon Bastard is used under license from Epic Level Entertainment.

Follow @dungeonbastard on Twitter for adventure coaching and all round badassery!


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