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The world is a Crucible built to temper souls on the path to enlightenment. Here the primal forces of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Flux and Fate were once ascendant, but are now half-forgotten as the dross of their own creation eats away at their great work.

In the Crucible, moral choices are the key to near godlike power - but what choices will define you? As you strive for enlightenment, will you follow the paths forged by the Primes or seek to create a path or your own? Or will you give in to the temptation of a darker path to power?

With an innovative coin-based core mechanic, six unique and highly customisable species to play and a host of story-driving dramatic options, Crucible is an epic high-fantasy world brimming with diversity and possibility.

May the Lumen's light bathe you.

This is a 206-page PDF edition of Crucible, the innovative coin-flipping RPG by Gareth Hodges, published by Cosm Games. The PDF edition is provided as a free download on purchase of the softcover edition.

The world and system of Crucible is based around the concepts of philosophical alchemy, metallurgy and nu-mismatics. To represent this, players do not roll dice, but instead throw handfuls of coins to determine outcomes.

The Crucible rulebook is available in print and PDF from Campaign Coins, and from DriveThruRPG.

Crucible coins are available from Campaign Coins.

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Crucible is © Cosm Games

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