D20 Crits or Fails Coins, Copper (5)

D20 Crits or Fails Coins, Copper (5)

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    Excellent Quality

    Posted by R on 4th Dec 2019

    I love these coins, gives the game a genuine feel and helps remind the five and use inspiration

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    Posted by JD on 26th Sep 2019

    Love these, perfect size, bright and nice coloring, gave these to my first D&D gaming group as a token of appreciation for letting me into the hobby and pretty sure they're all ordering their own coins from this site now :D

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    Copper Crits or Fails coins

    Posted by Joe on 11th Jul 2018

    Very cool. I bought a few packs of the copper, silver and gold "Crits" coins that I'm going to parse out into little packs of three for Christmas gifts for my gaming group. The coins are actually coin-sized. The copper ones look the best (shiny) but I imagine with a little use the blacking used to highlight the details will wear off on the flat surfaces and they'll all be shining pretty. Also got a free d20 that the coin was based on. Sweet!

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    A perfect addition to everyone's table!

    Posted by Stormbow on 6th Jun 2018

    These coins are absolutely perfect for just about anyone's game— there's no way you couldn't find a great use for these!

    Personally, I use them a "Luck Points". If a player rolls a 20, they get this Copper d20 Coin which can be spent to reroll any one roll for themself.

    If they roll a 2nd 20 before spending the Copper d20 Coin, their coin upgrades to a Silver d20 Coin which may be spent for themself or an ally to reroll any one roll.

    If they roll a 3rd 20 before spending the Silver d20 Coin, they reach the final stage— a Gold d20 Coin! —and may spend it for themself, an ally, or an enemy to reroll any single die roll.

    My players LOVE these coins!