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The Social Game that Knows the Truth
Band or Album is a social game for any number of players. It's played by those in the know, always and at any time, whenever anyone calls the question: "Band, or album?"

  • Everything you can say is the name of a band or an album.
  • These rules and your own personal coin let you play any time, anywhere, with anyone.
  • In fact? You're already playing!

Band or Album (feat. John Kovalic)

John Kovalic created this special Band or Album coin as part of the Band or Album Remix Kickstarter.

  • Hilarious and magnificent.
  • Collectible goodness from fan-favorite John Kovalic.
  • One coin, one player — buy enough to outfit your whole crew.

Game Details

  • One Kovalic Edition Band or Album coin
  • Rules of play not included — pick up the OG Edition or Remix Edition for complete rules

Creative Team: Graphic design by John Kovalic with Cisco Garrido.

The band side shows Gilly the perky goth rocking out, and the album side shows the dork side of Matt (which is, admittedly, his only side).

The coin is 39mm diameter and 2mm thick, and finished with antique copper plating. Best paired with friends, beverages, and a full set of Band or Album coins.

Band or Album is a trademark of and (c) 2015 by Kenneth Hite & Jeff Tidball

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