13th Age icon token set (13)

13th Age icon token set (13)

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    13th Age Icon Tokens

    Posted by Patrick on 30th Oct 2019

    I LOVE these Icon tokens , which I'm using as a way for players to track Icon benefits. They've got just the right amount of heft and weight - they feel solid in the hand and make a satisfying little clink when I put them in front of players. They also have one green side and one red side, so I can flip them over to distinguish between 6 and 5 results for benefits. The players have also responded to them really positively - I think having something solid (and pretty) in front of them makes them more likely to use the benefit, if only so they can play with the token.

    Anyway, they're great! You should buy them!

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    13th Age Icon Token Set

    Posted by Christian Broomfield on 4th Jul 2019

    The tokens looks exactly as advertised. Didn't find any impurities, scratches or dents which is a great plus considering the international shipping! The coins are two sided with a red or green side and despite their size they feel good to hold and are nice to look at.