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Introducing our series of comedic fantasy fiction!

The Three Dungeoneers, authored by Campaign Coins team member Penelope Love, and Starring Campaign Coins characters - Hazzard the barbarian, Avariss the half-elf, and Dhum the dwarf. 

The stories are available in the Fiction section of our store.

The Three Dungeoneers will return at Gen Con 2017 in the complete collected edition in both ebook and print, featuring the new stories A Conspiracy of Thieves and A Squabble of Goblins.

The first installment, A Nuisance of Kobolds, is available to download for free below.


Three adventurers. One tower. Too many kobolds.

The first story of the Three Dungeoneers. Dhum, Hazzard and Avariss meet in an inescapable tower.

A Nuisance of Kobolds (MOBI, EPUB and PDF in a zip) 1 MB

  A Nuisance of Kobolds (PDF Format) 600 KB



Limited Edition Bronze Coins

Every order placed on our website for coins worth USD $40 or more (before shipping) will receive a random Limited Edition antique bronze 500-coin featuring Hazzard, Avariss or Dhum. Try to collect them all!

These coins were originally made in copper, silver, and gold finishes for our Epic Treasure Kickstarter, and those versions of the coins will remain exclusive to those campaign backers. The bronze finish is brand new, and will remain special gifts for the most avid treasure collectors!