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It's Black Friday everywhere but merchants agree, there's no black blacker than black metal Electrum...

Especially when it is on sale!

Use the discount code below to get 15% OFF the following Classic Fantasy 10-packs:

Enter this code at checkout Step 5:


If you have entered the code correctly, you will see the amount to be deducted.

The sale is live now until midnight Saturday 25 November.

Thanks everyone for your great support during the year!


Mark, Andre, Penny & Jackson

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Electrum Coins unleashed

The evil is unleashed... The whisper of bat wings... the creak of a long-sealed tomb... That which should be dead now walks again... ELECTRUM COINS are now available! This cursed currency was minted by a long-forgotten empire who harnessed dark powers. Those pacts ultimately threw them down into ruin, but their coins are still found in dark places. These new [...]

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Greetings adventurers! My name’s Jackson, and I’m a new addition to the Campaign Coins team. Up until now, I’ve been helping Andre, Mark, and Penny with packing orders whenever a Kickstarter campaign was completed, but now I’ve been brought on to upkeep the website and blog. We are positively maniacal that evil is spreading across the land, in the form [...]

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Electrum coins Kickstarter

Years in the making, we have finally finished our range of black metal Electrum coins. These are fully compatible with our existing classic fantasy range of copper, silver, gold and platinum. Once again these coins are all designed by Australian artist Lee Smith.(But wait, you say, isn't Electrum historically silvery gold, or goldy silver? Yes, but [...]

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