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Kickstarter funded: Stretch Goals ahoy !

Our Starter Sets and Epic Treasure Kickstarter is 100% funded in the first 3 days!And, our first Stretch Goal is already here.All Starter Sets will now come in a swanky velvet bag. Here's a Photoshop mockup:You can read more about the Stretch Goals to come in our latest Kickstarter update.Big thanks to all our backers, it's so [...]

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Our Starter Sets and Epic Treasure Kickstarter is now live!

At long last, our Kickstarter begins !Follow the link to learn all about our new Starter Sets and Epic Treasure.How epic, you say? THIS EPIC!

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Kickstarter launching on 7 April

Our Kickstarter for Starter Sets and Epic Treasure will launch on 7 April 2015 !Our designs and samples are all finished, but we are taking extra time to organise fulfillment in the US and in Europe so that you can all enjoy the best postage rates possible.The Kickstarter introduces our new Epic Treasure 500, 5,000 [...]

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TableTop Day 2015 coins and party

We love TableTop. Everybody does!It's a fantastic show which shows everyone how much fun it is to play games with your friends, and how easy it is too. Created by Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day, it has the perfect formula of game smarts and belly laughs.So, we are super proud to be official sponsors of TableTop Day 2015TableTop [...]

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Red Dragon Inn coins

When we first started our Facebook page in 2011, our original super fan Jonathan talked up his favourite game Red Dragon Inn, and how it goes really well with coins.We'd heard of the game, so made a mental note ("cool game with coins"). We had some emails with SlugFest Games but we really hit it off together [...]

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A whole new adventure!

Welcome to our brand new website!Please make yourself at home. Have a look in our treasure vaults, and sign up for our newsletter below. We have huge plans ahead, with a new Kickstarter on 20 March, as well as new coins for TableTop Day and Free RPG Day!We want to thank some people:Lynda Mills did new illustrations of our [...]

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